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An 8x Larger Beam Of Light Than Any Other Headlamp On The Market

Powered by the latest C.R.E.E. LED technology that delivers 1200 lumens, the WideLite provides you more powerful and wider light coverage than any other flashlight or headlamp on the market today.

230° Wide-Angle LED Beam Technology provides never-seen-before light coverage.

No touch, on-off sensor for super-fast hands-free operation.

Next-Gen LED flexible strip technology with a powerful output of 1200 Lumens.

Dimmable Side & Front Light with multiple brightness settings.

Ultra-light, fully adjustable headband, drop and shock resistant, and IPX4 Waterproof.

Easily rechargeable via USB. Powerful battery that easily lasts 8 hours on the highest brightness.

Experience Max Light Coverage

Meet WideLite, the world’s first tactical wide-beam headlamp that lets you light up immense areas with the wave of a hand.

Powered by the latest C.R.E.E. LED technology that delivers 1200 lumens, the WideLite provides you with a more powerful and wider light coverage than any other flashlight or headlamp on the market.

Wave Sensor Motion Control

You can easily control the WideLite by waving your hand around the sensor. The light will instantly turn on or off. In addition, the wide-beam design allows for bright continuous light coverage. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate different areas.

Powerful Side Spotlight

On the side of the WideLite, we’ve incorporated an additional side spotlight that delivers powerful light coverage up to 200m in distance. The spotlight is perfect for focusing on lighting-specific areas and has adjustable brightness and strobe functions.

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Adjustable Headband

The WideLite has a fully adjustable and flexible headband that fits any size head, hard hat, and even helmet. Thanks to its small size, it won’t bounce on your head, ensuring superb wearing comfort all day long for every type of user, no matter the activity.

Rechargeable Via USB

The WideLite charges with lighting speed via USB (charging cable included). You can recharge the battery simply with your phone charger, power bank, car charger, or laptop. The battery easily lasts up to 8 hours on the highest brightness and for days on the low setting.

Sturdy & Durable Design

The WideLite has a sturdy and durable design that we know you’ll love. It’s built with premium quality materials and is practically indestructible. WideLite’s ultra-lightweight design provides the highest wearing comfort while offering extremely powerful light coverage for the best night adventure lighting experience.

"Let there be light!"

"I’m a forest worker and use this headlight daily. It is ridiculously bright! Unlike other headlights, this lights up your entire field of vision. It’s like you’re walking in broad daylight with this thing on your head. Great product, especially for the money. Multiple lighting modes, long battery life, rechargeable, rugged design. Definitely recommend!"


Travis R.

Forest worker

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about WideLite

Tyler Verified Buyer

This headlamp is lightweight, easy to adjust and stays in place, the light band is all illuminating, and the spot is very bright. The best thing I’ve used when crawling around in attics, doing mechanic work or even walking my dogs, as it’s hand free and the light is always where I need it to be.

Mark Verified Buyer

It does a great job lighting up the whole area in front of me. It’s my go-to headlight when hiking in the dark. Don’t look at the light when it’s on. It’s really bright. I like that it is rechargeable via USB. Would recommend it!

Andrew Verified Buyer

These headlamps turned out to be super useful during a power outage. Wearing for long periods is not an issue at all. Battery life is exceptional. Motion detection is very handy and works fast. Very bright LED strip, definitely better than any other flashlight I’ve ever owned. Only real downside is that you can’t really make eye contact with someone because it’s so bright!

Benjamin Verified Buyer

I wondered why I hadn’t discovered this sooner. It is the equivalent of a car’s headlights. Wherever you’re going, the way is illuminated. Highly recommended.

Eric Verified Buyer

I use it as a postal carrier! The motion sensor is a brilliant feature! Very bright and battery life is great too. The spotlight is great as well. Definitely recommend getting it if you’re on the fence about it!

Paul Verified Buyer

Shipping was fast! Product came complete and after charging it, all features are working well and the light is surprisingly bright. I have used it in the attic and late night outside - shines path clearly. Battery life is good - have been using it for 5 days about 4 hours a day and brightness still the same.

Adam Verified Buyer

This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! It’s really bright and hands-free, so I can use both hands. I like the fact that you can select either the bright strip across the forehead or a more focused light on the side. Buy it!! You can’t go wrong.

Nathan Verified Buyer

Very bright and comfortable headband. I like how you can turn it off with a wave of your hand. Good if your hands are dirty and you don’t want to blind someone when talking to them in front of you.

Steve Verified Buyer

This light is very compact and fits really nicely on your head. The lights are bright, both the wide LED light and the concentrated spotlight. I ordered a couple more to have around the house.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about WideLite

Since the WideLite is also self-defense equipment, it should always be handled with caution as it can temporarily blind and disorient someone.
The WideLite is not suitable for children and should be kept away from them. This flashlight is NOT a toy!
The WideLite easily lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use on the brightest setting and can be recharged via USB. On light mode, it can last several nights. Some customers even get 5 days of use out of it on a single charge!
Estimated shipping time is usually 5-7 business days after you have received the order confirmation email. Delivery time may vary depending on package size, weight, and destination. International delivery times are between 8-22 business days.